We represent entrepreneurial and corporate clients in acquisition, development, financing, leasing and sales transactions. Engagements include office building development, shopping centers, hotels, multiple-dwelling and industrial projects, construction and design contracts, construction and other mortgage lending, tax-deferred exchanges and tenant-in-common offerings, condominium and multi-use development. Many of our clients are foreign individuals and entities.

Among our capabilities in these areas are:

Principal Representation

Acquisition Negotiations; Land-use Permitting; High-End Coop/Condo/Residential; Construction Development Activities; Sales and Conveyancing

Investor Representation

Partnership, LLC and Co-tenancy Formation and Activation

Mortgage Lending

Mortgage-Secured Commercial Loans; Participation Agreements; Jumbo Residential Loans; Mortgage Title Insurance; Workouts, Reorganizations; Conduits


Office and Warehouse Space; Lease Preparation and Negotiation; Shopping Centers/Retail Space/Restaurant; Office Parks; Master Leases


Planned Unit Developments; Development Rights Transfer; Environmental Matters; Condominium and Cooperatives; Homeowners’ Associations; Reciprocal Easement and Operating Agreements

Our significant engagements in these areas include:

– representation of an active second mortgage lender with a desire to be solidly secured while taking part in the equity appreciation in the assets, occurring both prior to and following payoff of the underlying loan. We drafted a loan agreement together with real estate and personal property security devices containing broad inspection clauses which allowed the lender to verify the property’s financial results and accurately calculate the distributions to which the lender was entitled. Further, when the loan was repaid, recordable assignments of cash flows allowed the lender to remain secured as to its residual interest in the property’s cash flow and profit on sale

– representation of a development group in connection with the analysis of a program for gut rehabilitation of a proposed 65-unit residence located in New York City’s Tribeca district. The project entailed obtaining a variance from the zoning board; review of construction lending documentation and development plans; cash flow projections; formation of the investing entity and preparation of the investment papers

– representation of an investor group in the settlement of disputes concerning the ownership and management of a 152-unit multiple dwelling in Fairlawn, New Jersey, which included negotiation of a revised partnership arrangement; interfacing with the mortgage lender and others to obtain third-party consents and negotiation of a re-development plan for the project acceptable to all participants, and replacement of the general partner

– representation of the sellers of a high-end Manhattan coop apartment unit situated in a building undergoing substantial renovation, which entailed inserting protective clauses into the sales contract; structuring delayed occupancy arrangements whereby the buyers agreed to an accelerated closing and advancing of funds despite the risks involved in permitting a seller to discharge large-scale obligations post-closing

– representation of an investor group in the purchase of a mid-Manhattan cooperative medical suite